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"I SAW THE HOLY FATHER in a very big house, kneeling by a table, with his bead buried in his hands, and he was weeping. Outside the house, there were many people. Some of them were throwing stones, others were cursing him and using bad language. Poor Holy Father, we must pray very much for him."



"Your Father, in the eternal city of Rome, Pope Paul VI, your Holy Father, is a blessed man, for he carries his cross. Your Holy Father is a blessed man, for he shall be martyred." -Our Lady, June 18, 1977

"My children, do not condemn your Holy Father, Pope Paul in Rome. He has made human errors in the past - I grant you this, My children - as he is still a human being, but they are not major errors. The enemy is in his own house, the Eternal City of Rome. The hierarchy has become infiltrated." -Our Lady, June 18, 1978

I can see Pope Paul now, the real Pope Paul. He's very thin. He's very wan. He is very sorrowful. He is opening his mouth, and he's saying: "Succor! Succor!..." And on his chest, I see the crucified Body of Jesus. -Veronica, October 2, 1975

"The heart of your Vicar cries in anguish: 'Mother Immaculate, give me the strength to persevere in the days ahead. You have made it known to me the way of the cross. I shall accept the will of the Father.' " -Our Lady, May 22, 1974

"The encyclical of Pope Paul on birth control is true and must be followed by mankind. There shall be no rationalization of sin. There shall be no excuse for the murder of the unborn." -Our Lady, October 2, 1976

"Your Holy Father, Our child of suffering, Pope Paul VI, is approaching the end of his reign upon earth. How many shall be held responsible for the anguish which tore his heart? How many of you cardinals and bishops have disobeyed him in your arrogance and love of worldly pursuits and pleasure and power?" -Our Lady, May 20, 1978

Our Lady now is going over to our left side - that's Her right side of the sky.... She looks very sad, and I tell you, the black mantle She's wearing makes Her look almost like She's been to a funeral or something. Very sad. [The next day, Pope Paul VI died bearing out this prophetic vision.] -Veronica, August 5, 1978

"I bring you the glad news, My child and My children; I give you this knowledge from the Eternal Father, that your Vicar this day is with Us in Heaven." -Our Lady, August 14, 1978

I see Pope Paul. He's sitting in a large room. There's a desk. But he doesn't look very well. He looks very sick. It seems like he can't seem to keep his eyes open. His head is falling to the right. And then he sits up, and he's falling to the left. Now he's leaning over on the table. Now there are screams outside. And people are shouting, and they're throwing all rocks, and they're trying to come in the door. And they're shouting. And Pope Paul - now he's walked over, and he's kneeling next to a statue of Our Lady. He's praying to Our Lady, and he's crying; tears are coming down his face.... Oh! Oh! And outside the door there are cardinals, five cardinals; they are hiding knives behind their backs.... And over on the right side, 1ooking in the other window, I see a group of bishops. There are two, three, four, five - there are fifteen or sixteen bishops. They also are hiding knives behind their backs. -Veronica, July 25, 1972

"I ask you again to pray for your Holy Father in Rome. He is very ill. He needs many prayers, for he is being crucified by his own. He is truly the little one in the message of Jacinta."[See display quote.] -Our Lady, June 1, 1978

"Yes, I tried to warn everyone of what was going to happen to the world of the future. Our Lady said that the little Father in Rome would suffer great persecution, but much of this persecution would come from his very own, those that he trusted." -Jacinta, June 8, 1974

"You remember, My children, Pope Paul VI, Our good Vicar, said to the world, 'I know that the smoke of Satan has entered into the Church.' But who listens to him, and who did listen to him? But they laid him low, and put another in his place." -Our Lady, October 2, 1989

"It is the diabolical plan of Satan to have the hate of the world turned to the Vicar, Pope Paul VI, in Rome. The plan of Satan is to heap upon his shoulders all the error and wrongdoing; however, those who he has trusted have betrayed him, have now assumed complete control of his mission. There are in figurative language, My child, three popes now in Rome. Three popes, My child, not counting Pope Paul VI - three men who are being directed by Satan." -Our Lady, September 27, 1975

"You must go back in the immediate years and bring the knowledge to mankind that these changes, the changes that have given bad fruits, have not been given to you through the Holy Spirit and through your Vicar, Pope Paul VI. It is the web of Satan reaching out. Many are now, My child, puppets; the strings are being pulled by Benelli, Villot, and Casaroli and their followers." -Our Lady, September 27, 1975

"The suffering victim soul, your Holy Father, Pope Paul - he accepts his suffering with good heart. And there are many Judases about him who parade themselves as angels of light, but they have ravenous hearts of wolves. In disobedience they have used their rank to destroy from within. It was not in vain that Our Vicar cried out to you, 'There must be cracks within, for the smoke of Satan has seeped in.' " -Jesus, May 20, 1978

"My child, they converse of the secret I gave at Fatima. It is a simple explanation. It could not be fully revealed because of the drastic nature of My message. How I warned and warned that Satan would enter into the highest realms of the hierarchy in Rome. The Third Secret, My child, is that Satan would enter into My Son's Church." -Our Lady, May 13, 1978

"Do not go about disparaging your Holy Father, Pope Paul VI. He is not the antichrist;... He is not the antichrist pope." -Our Lady, May 30, 1978

"Yes, My child, many have given themselves to disobedience of your Holy Father, your Vicar. We have asked him to condemn the practice of calling upon the spirit. He has followed the direction of the Father, but many of his clergy have fallen ' into disobedience of your Vicar." -Our Lady, June 15, 1974

"There is a formation within My House that I give and label as the evil men of the cross.... They have entered to destroy. They have reached and attained the highest leadership in My House upon earth. They are recrucifying Me in My House. Your Vicar is a prisoner within My House." -Jesus, November 22, 1976

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